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Name: Siddhi Gavali
City: Pune
Height: 5 Foot 6 inch

About:   I am a 22-year-young girl with an unyielding passion for realizing my dreams. A graduate engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication, my adoration for innovation and development exceeds all rational limitations. Past the domain of circuits and codes, I find my actual substance as an old style artist, established in the wonderful work of art of \'Bharatanatyam\', where each development turns into an outflow of my spirit. A gifted swimmer, painter and photographic artist, I also good in academics. With dreams in my heart, I embrace life\'s difficulties with certainty and appreciation, meaning to rouse and elevate others. With a heart brimming with dreams and a soul that exceeds all logical limitations, I stand ready to embrace each second with beauty and appreciation. Together, we should praise the excellence inside and surrounding us.